Woman! Awaken Yourself!

Dear Woman,

You are invited to step into a realm where your spirit soars and your heart beats to the ancient rhythms of the cosmos. This is not just a group coaching program; it’s a sacred space where you will unfold the petals of your soul and reveal the luminous essence of who you truly are.

This is an invitation to stand on the threshold of transformation. Together, we will explore the depths of your desires, the whispers of your intuition, and the strength of your courage. This is your time to shine, to cast off the shadows of doubt, and to embrace the golden light of possibility.

Join us under the moon’s tender gaze as we celebrate your commitment to growth and renewal. Let us witness the unveiling of your true name, the one that resonates with your deepest purpose.

Awaken, oh Woman! The universe is ready to dance with you.

With anticipation for our shared journey,

Chantelle @ Dragonfly

Is this program really for you?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions: 

  • Why do people walk all over me? 
  • Why do I always find myself agreeing to things or volunteering for things that I don’t really want to do? 
  • Am I meant to feel this empty inside? 
  • Is this all there is to life? 
  • I’ve had so many dreams over the years, why can’t I ever seem to achieve them? 
  • I never really feel like I fit in – I wish I could stop second guessing myself and just not care what people think of me. 
  • My kids disrespect me, my partner thinks Im just here to run the house – what would happen if I just disappeared? 
  • Im not sure who I am sexually, can’t really remember the last time I enjoyed my body. 

Then this is right for you! 

Here’s what you’re going to get out of this journey: 

  1. A stronger connection to your intuition and the ability to feel secure in the decisions you make. 
  2. Greater awareness and understanding of who you are, which may change your career or other big decisions in your life. 
  3. A true appreciation of what it means to be kind to yourself – not the toxic kindness that is plastered all over social media; the kindness that makes your soul sing. 
  4. You’ll face your shadow, maybe for the first time, and finally shatter those self limiting beliefs that have held you back time and again. 
  5. You will know what true joy feels like – your friends will see it written all over your face and ask if you’re using new products. 
  6. You might even lose that weight you’ve been struggling to shift (I’ve lost 12kgs so far through this journey!) 
  7. A deeper connection to your body, to your pleasure, and to your sensuality, which will reinject new confidence into the way you walk and show up. 
  8. You might even have a better sex life 😉 

August Cohort - Open for Registration

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Woman! Awaken Yourself!

The Journey Outline

The program consists of 12 live online sessions, each themed to our learning unit and group discussion: 

Meet your Journey Guides

Chantelle Botha

Affectionately known as “The Catalyst,”Chantelle Botha  is a well-known expert in identity-driven purpose, celebrated for her unique ability to instigate change among her clients. 

With a global female influence, she has delivered impactful speeches at prestigious events such as The Global Women Empowerment Conference and the Global Women in Tech Conference.

Chantelle’s personal journey is as inspiring as her professional accolades. A twice-recovered drug addict, she singlehandedly raised her son, who is now an international Art Auctioneer. Her remarkable life experiences serve as a testament to her resilience and personal mastery, which she openly shares with her audiences.

Tim Wagner

Tim Wagner transitioned from near burnt out corporate executive to Breathwork Alchemist and International Speaker.
With over 36 years in business including 16 years as a speaker, presenter and guide, Tim uses breathwork as an effective means to release stress, anxieties of the past and mental blocks to improve total wellbeing.
Through his infectious enthusiasm, high energy, unwavering passion, and clear communication style, Tim will empower and inspire you to push beyond your limits, dream bigger, and proactively create a fulfilling life you desire.

“I believe we can all stress less, live and lead confidently becoming more impactful, and effective so living a fulfilled and peaceful life.”

NOTE: Tim will only be facilitating breathwork sessions to retain the privacy and confidentiality of the female only coaching sessions. 

August Cohort - Open for Registration

Join the WhatsApp group for more info 

Register for the free webinar on the 24th July 2024

Apply to join the August cohort – starting 1st August 2024

Group Coaching Journey Structure

We meet online on zoom for 60 – 90 minutes every Thursday evening for 12 weeks.

Start Date: Thursday 1st August 2024 

19h00 – 20h00/20h30 SAST 

Final session on 17th October

In-person cohorts not exceeding 4 people are available on request. 

Here's what some women just like you have experienced:

Chantelle is one of those people with a great deal of insight, a lot of wise sayings and a way to ask a question that really makes you think. You will have at least one (but most likely more) lightbulb moments when you work with her. The most significant moment for me personally was discovering that the very thing that holds me back is one of my strengths. Your own personal self-worth, values and ideas is questioned and rephrased to make you feel like you are worth a million bucks.
Business Intelligence Analyst
Tims guidance throughout the sessions were both reassuring and empowering, creating an environment conducive to healing and personal growth.
CEO | Industrial Psychologist
I recently completed my coaching journey with Chantelle, and the experience has been truly transformative. Chantelle's ability to create a safe and supportive space for self-reflection is exceptional. Her active listening and powerful questions guided me to profound insights and personal growth.
Policy Manager
Tim's breathwork sessions are truly transformative. With every breath journey, I experienced a profound release and a noticeable shift in my mind, body and soul.
Communication Coach
Chantelle goes beyond the technical aspects, delving into principles of self-confidence and resilience. Her guidance has been instrumental in shaping both my career and mindset positively.
Sales Manager
Chantelle is truly one of the most intuitive and empathetic individuals I've encountered. Her insight and understanding are truly exceptional and I would recommend her as a coach to anybody who wants to grow.
Founder of Justice in Heels